I embrace art forms that allow our visionary gifts to flourish and for me, pole art fits the bill. It is an eclectic display of contemporary stage art that celebrates our unique artistry. It honors expressiveness and originality which allows fresh ideas to emerge and challenge us to become the best that we can become.

As a 65 year old pole artist I am faced with numerous challenges, but those challenges have become my thrusting block for inner growth and to serve others. More important than my medals is the opportunity that the stage provides to help manifest my mission to inspire others to not let age or any limitation stand in the way of our dreams.
Carpe Diem!

2016 Pole Art Italy World Masters Champion – Italy
2016 IPSF US World Pole Sports Masters Champion – Pan American Games
2015 IPC International Pole Championship – Hong Kong
2015 IPSF World Pole Sports 50+ 1st runner-up – London
2015 “Prestigious Honor Award” Pole World News – Los Angeles
2014 IPSF World Pole Sports 50+ Champion – London
2013 IPSF World Pole Sports 50+ Champion – London
2013 International Pole Competition (IPC) Pole Art Masters Champion-Singapore
2013 Arnold World Pole Cup Championship Masters 2nd Runner-up- Rio de Janeiro
2013 Pacific Pole Competition Masters Champion 2013 – LA
2013 Pacific Pole Masters Artistic Champion 2013 – LA
2013 Southern Pole Competition Masters Champion – Miami
2013 Southern Pole Masters Artistic Champion – Miami
2013 National Aerial Pole Arts NEO 3rd Runner-Up LA
2013 US Nationals Masters 1st Runner-up – Las Vegas
2012 Southern Pole Championship Masters Champion – Houston
2012 Southern Pole Championship Masters Artistic 1st Runner-Up -Houston
2012 North American Championship Masters 1st Runner Up – Chicago
2012 Pacific Pole Championship Masters Artistic 1st Runner Up – LA