In the spring of 2012 i was invited to compete on America Ninja Warrior. It was the most challenging three minutes of strength and endurance that I had ever encountered, so I can see why no woman has ever completed the course. I was excited to make it past the steps before hitting the water just before I competed the barrel hold . When it aired on TV I learned that I was the oldest person to ever attempt the course. I asked “where is everyone else?”. I had an epiphany that somehow I had to inspire others to go after their dreams and it motivated me to compete as a pole artist to give visibility to my message…. i knew that I would be back, but when I ran the course in 2013 I didn’t have the luck that I needed. I ran after midnight and the fog and sand made the steps as slippery as ice and barely anyone was making it past the beginning of the course. I will be back!

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